A new kind of Aston Martin, founded on the principles of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics. Ready to go anywhere, powered by the spirit of adventure.




Our first SUV, DBX, is a new kind of Aston Martin, one founded on the principles of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics. Ready to go anywhere, it’s powered by the spirit of adventure.
DBX celebrates the Aston Martin design language in a new form. With a unique body architecture just for DBX, the design and proportions reflect the unmistakeable style of an Aston Martin.
DBX is a 5 seater SUV that provides a sumptuous experience for every occupant. It’s a world of luxury, with a panoramic sunroof providing a sense of airiness and space for all. A commanding driving position instils a sense of confidence and provides the driver a clearer view of the road ahead.
Active all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution and height adjustable air suspension, all provide DBX with the confidence and versatility you need for life’s great adventures. It will never compromise how it gets you there.
An all new adventure. Thanks to lightweight aluminium construction, and its world-leading Aston Martin powertrain and suspension developed by the finest engineers of their kind, DBX drives like no other SUV. It drives like a sports car.

This campaign was shot in harsh environments in the very north of Sweden.
We handled locations, crew, permits, road closure, ice tracks, activities, equipment, transportation, accommodation.

Marketing Director at Aston Martin: Bastian Schäfer / Car technician: Markus Koll / Production Company: 27KM / Director: Alex Schiller / DOP: Tim Hoeddinghaus / 2nd Cam: Max Neumeier / 1st AC: Fritz Butze / Photographer: Stephan Bauer / Executive Producer: Anna Schulz / Line Producer: Lydia Lose / Production Coordinator: Lara Rosenhagen / Production asst: Pasi Schulz
Executive Producer: Pana Mogren / Location Scout: Leo Resnes / Location Scout: Mork Frode / Production Asst: Christian Johanson / Production Asst: Petter Ingermansson / Production Asst: Rimon Lahdo / Production Asst: Niklas Sundqvist / Russian Arm: MovieBird Norway / Precision Driver Hero Car: Ismail Salih / Precision Driver Russian Arm: Fredrik Soerlie / Russian Arm Operator: Terje Røkke / Russian Arm Tech: Tore Åfar / Dog sled musher: Hanna from ArcticDogSled / Ice climbing guide: Ludwig & Ida from Fjälläventyr / Ice track care: Roger from Active Driving / Ice track supervisor Norway: Harald Sachweh

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