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Like bread dough resting on an uneven surface, the glacier is slowly seeking lower ground. Glacier arms pour into the surrounding valleys, even forming icefalls where the terrain is particularly steep. The dramatic Bondhusbrea offers one such dramatic icefall – and the sight is unforgettable!

Deciphering a geological history that stretches at least 1.5 billion years back in time. Folgefonnhalvøya is a peninsula that has been exposed to powerful and varied forces. Sediments formed on what was once ocean floor, and later congealed under enormous weight into metamorphic rock. Tectonic plates colliding or pushing past each other then folded the rock and pushed high mountains toward the sky.

A 2 hours drive from Bergen you will find one of our favourite locations; Folgefonna National Park. The park was established in 2005 and is one of 42 National Parks in Norway. In this unique landscape with a very strong identity, you will find dramatic fjords, rolling mountains, turquoise lakes, powerful rivers and water falls around every corner. Folgefonna is Norway`s 3rd largest glacier and the only place in the world where you can drive from the fjord to the glacier in less than 30 minutes. The contrasts are huge, from summer along the fjord to winter landscape at the glacier. Located on the Folgefonna Glacier, you will get spectacular scenery from the top ski lift station. Overlooking the Hardanger Fjord, the glacier and even the North Sea on sunny days, it’s a view not to forget.

In our opinion Folgefonna is ideal for a winter campaign. It has very easy access from Bergen. Shooting here between May-September you’ll get all four seasons in one production. All of this, without having to freeze your balls off.

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Breathtaking locations dominated by either light or darkness, where sea meets mountains and where melting snow gives way to delicate blossom. Norway has a unique combination of high level technology, a very good infrastructure, and spectacular nature. The coastline extends across 14 degrees of latitude, and measure 1.752 kilometers from north to south. This means the country has a variation in landscape, vegetation and climate seldom found elsewhere. The working environment regulations for the film industry permit long workdays for shooting, which means tighter and more efficient production schedules. Distances from inner city areas to unpopulated wilderness is short, meaning you will save valuable time when changing locations during production.

Nature & Climate

A country that is enchanting and unique, a country where nature creates stunning sceneries. Seasons dominated by either light or darkness. A country where sea meets mountains, and where melting snow gives way to delicate blossom.

The Norwegian landscape is breathtakingly spectacular. Add to this the incadescent light of Norwegian summers, making nights bright as days. The crisp and vast snow-covered expanses of winter. Phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and the fascinating light show of the aurora borelis. All of this combined and you have a unique formula that makes Norway a setting with potential to make any production stand out.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate in Norway is more comfortable than in other countries of northern latitudes. Norway is one of few countries in the world where the distinctions between seasons are so clearly drawn. Yet in some parts of the country you can experience winter and summer at the same time. This makes for wonderful changes in light conditions.

Norway’s Hallmark

The unique fjordlandscape, with glacier-clad mountains, towering waterfalls, serpentine roads, lush valleys and charming farms. But, there is much more to find; Innovative architecture in the middle of the wilderness, industrail settings, fishing villages and coastal cities with a surprisingly cosmopolitan cultural life.

Norway might be at its best when being itself, but easily doubles for Iceland, Alaska, Himalayas, Siberia, Antarctic and even New Zealand. Whenever the script calls for arctic areas, the moon, mountanious vistas, iced alien planets or windswept plains, Norway can offer accessible options.

Financing Options

Norway offers a 25% reimbursement programme, regional film funds and national co-production funds, as well as several funding sources for documentaries.

We help you with applications and all the paperwork. What is the right mix for your production?