We teamed up with Adventure Academy and are now helping them with locations, education and designing custom made routes off the grid. Read more about the education below!

Adventure Academy Hordaland – Norway is a unique adventure education and wilderness adventure that gives participants right conditions and knowledge in outdoor life to help them complete their own dream adventures. The education is led by experienced and well-known guides and outdoor experts from the Nordics.


LEVEL 1: AUGUST 2 – AUGUST 11, 2019.

For the first time ever Adventure Academy goes international. 20 participants are given the opportunity to be part of a unique intensive course that takes place in one of the most beautiful nature areas in the world. This is also a wilderness adventure like nothing else, where you get professional know-how in outdoor life, you challenge your own personal limits, and make friends for a lifetime.

Welcome to the most physically and mentally challenging course so far in the history of Adventure Academy. Become one of the 20 participants and follow Adventure Academy to an unforgettable week in Hordaland – Norway.


Content of Education

The education focuses on how to plan, impement and create best possible conditions for carrying out the participants own dream adventures. The education is aimed att all levels and no prior experience is required.

The participants will be drilled in Project Management, Buschcraft, Hypothermia, Navigation, Mountaineering, Storytelling and of course the talked about “Hell Hike”.

A wilderness adventure

This is not just an education. It is also a wilderness adventure like nothing else, taking the participants through one of the most dramatic and beautiful nature areas in the world. 

Wastelands: This leg will take the participants on an epic mtb-trail. Their endurance and ability to collaborate will be tested.
Mountains: A couple of thousend meters above sea level the participants will experience dramatic views and challenging climbs.
Ice & Water: Raw forces created by nature. They will get exposed by blue ice, cold water kayaking, and learn everything they need to know about hypothermia.
Hell Hike: Disconnected from civilisation, the Hell Hike will test their limits, and teach them abiut bushcraft, navigatiuon and survival in the wild.







You find everything you need to know at: www.adventureacademy.se/en/international-norway-hordaland