”This is a life changing experience for anyone that joins”

NOTE: Survey, price tag and additional info in the bottom of this page.

Next summer, 12 people will set out on an unforgettable 14 day bikepacking adventure in the land of fire and ice. A challenging journey deep into the Icelandic highlands, crossing the country from the very north to the very south, riding along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of something very special. Not many people have biked this specific route, which is custom made and covers everything from lava, mud, rocks, sand and rivers.

The route takes the participants through various nature wonders and deserted landscapes, similar to what you would find on the moon. A magnificent route with mind-blowing backdrops. On a fine day it’s heaven on earth, but weather can change in a blink of an eye. Participants are guaranteed to be facing unpredictable situations where they need to push themselves to their limit.

This expedition is about feeling alive. To stand on top of continents drifting apart. To stand in front of nature’s raw forces in its purest form. To be in the moment far far away from tablets and daily updates. Exploring places less traveled, via singletrack trails, volcanic terrain, gravel and abandoned dirt roads.

This is not a race or a competition. This is an authentic adventure where teamwork, calculated risks and willpower is crucial. Some days we push as hard as we can with the purpose to collect kilometers, and some days we hike to volcanoes, glaciers or hot springs.

A life changing experience only a few chosen people will be part of. Will you be one of these people?


This expedition is created for anyone with an adventurous mind and extraordinary willpower. 

You do not need to have extensive experience of biking or be in extreme shape, but you need to have decent physique without injuries, and most important, you need to be mentally strong.

We welcome all ages (over 18), all genders and all origins. 

You will learn a lot about yourself, about the people around you and about the spectacular landscape we are going through.


  • The group will be divided into 4 smaller groups due to safety reasons. But the whole 12 person group will bike and hike together. 
  • An experienced guide will be leading the expedition, but each person needs to bike, hike and deal with their personal demons by themselves. 
  • A medic will be present during certain parts of the route.
  • Each participant will carry their own packs.


To give you an idea about what the participants are facing:

  • Ascend: Approx. 12 000 meters
  • Distance: Approx. 800 kilometers
  • Gravel/Mud: 70%
  • Deep Sand: 10%
  • Paved Road: 10%
  • Rock/Lava: 10%
  • The distance might not scare anyone off, but add extreme winds, rain/hail/snow, plenty of river crossing and a lot of pushing bikes. A “normal” day we move anywhere between 15 kilometers to 100 kilometers. 
  • Difficult level: 9/10


  • This is not the most technical route, but uneven terrain and arctic weather conditions makes it a high risk route.
  • Weather conditions in the Icelandic highlands can be brutal. Due to weather changing continuously the route will change along the way.
  • Dangerous river crossings will be a major challenge where the group need to be careful. Keeping dry will be critical to be able to follow through with the expedition.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy can easily cause accidents.
  • There will be emergency exits in case of serious accidents or if someone needs to drop out. But, be aware that help can be days away. 


  • We will give out packing and equipment list and make sure everyone meets the requirements.
  • Each participant need to have their own bike and gear. We will be able to offer you heavy discount through our partners. 
  • Everyone meets up in Reykjavik and travel together to the north of Iceland. We will also travel together from the south of Iceland back to Reykjavik.
  • In the north we will stay one day to put together bikes, packing and make final preparations. 
  • We do not offer flight tickets to Reykjavik, this is something participants need to take care of by themselves. 
  • Each participant must have their own insurance. This needs to be proven to us.


The main value of this expedition is of course the experience and memories you bring home. You won’t be the same person after this, and you will most likely change the way you live your everyday life. According to us you can’t put a price on this. But to make it even more attractive we have included a bunch of goodies:

  • Guide/Instructor
  • Premium Shell Jacket (worth approx 500€)
  • Helmet (worth approx 200€)
  • Buff, Balaclava and Beanie (worth approx 100€)
  • Transport from Reykjavik to north of Iceland.
  • Accommodation north of Iceland.
  • Food will be served in a few occasions.
  • Energy drinks and fuel.
  • Transport from south of Iceland back to Reykjavik.
  • Freebies from our partners and sponsors.
  • Heavy discounts through our partners.
  • Help with preparations.
  • You will get help understanding what it takes to find sponsors. A possibility to fund this project for yourself.
  • Bonus: You will get educated in buschcraft, general outdoor life, learn new skills and listen to a lot of stories.
”It took me about 8 months to plan for our first expedition in Iceland. Training, route planning, risk calculation, all the gear, local contacts, sponsors, transports and a bunch of other administration. It ended up being quite expensive. Back then, I would love to be able to leave all this hustle to someone else. Now I can’t wait to help these participants throughout the preparations and guiding them on the most epic bikepacking route there is, crossing one of the harshest and most vaste areas on earth.”

Pana Mogren
Expedition Planner, Guide, Bikepacker and Board member of Adventure Academy / Adventurer of the Year

Welcome to The Tectonic Expedition Survey

What is your experience riding mtb?

Have you been bikepacking before?

How much experience do you have being in the outdoors? (tenting, hiking)

Which month would be best for this expedition?

Think about which period during June or July it would be best for you to go on any adventure or any vacation.

Let's say this expedition would cost 3490€ per person. What are your thoughts about this?

Does it seem cheap, expensive or just right? Please give us your thoughts.

Do you own a proper mtb?

Would you be willing to pay an additional 500€ to have both your bike, frame bags and all other gear shipped by us to to the north of Iceland? (incl. return)

This option is only for Scandinavian participants.

Would you rather want us to arrange with a local bike for you in Iceland? Or do you prefer to use your own?

Meaning the bike would be waiting for you in the north of Iceland.

We are offering individual training- and nutrition plans for each and one of the participants. These are designed to prepare specific for this expedition. Is this something you would be interested in?

3 months with start in February. Together with our trusted partners we have developed a unique training program specially designed for long distance expeditions like these. Short high-intensive training combined with low-intensive long distance training. Biking, running, strength and mental training. It also includes VO2MAX test (Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothenburg), daily workout program, nutrition plan. Always with personal coaching. This program will also be beneficial for you during the long distance expedition we call life.

The cost for tests, training plan and nutrition plan would be 950€. What are your thoughts about this?

Does it seem cheap, expensive or just right? Please give us your thoughts.

Would you be interested in meeting the rest of the participants beforehand during training camps or planning days?

Would you be okey with being filmed as part of a documentary about the expedition?

A film crew would join and document preparations, execution, highs and lows.

For you personally, what would be the main reason you choose or not choose to be part of The Tectonic Expedition?

Is there something else you would like to add or something you think we have missed to ask or offer?


Stockholm - Sweden


Oslo - Norway
Reykjavik - Iceland
Copenhagen - Denmark
Malmoe - Sweden

T: +46 (0) 737 633 550
E: contact(at)


- Norway
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Iceland
- Greenland
- Faroe Islands

- California

- Mexico
- Tokyo
- Baltics
- Dolomites
- Catalonia
- South Africa
- Scotland

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